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Church Action on Poverty


We've prepared a range of video and presentation materials for you to use in your Just Church sessions. Some modules recommend using particular materials, but feel free to use whatever is most suited to your group.

All the suggested materials are listed below. The PowerPoint files can be downloaded from the website, but to get the video clips, you will need to order the Just Church DVD. (We have decided not to make the clips available online because of the very large size of the files.) The DVD includes all the video and presentation materials, as well as all the modules in PDF format.

These are in PowerPoint format, suitable for use with a computer and data projector. Two are intended for use in worship; one is a general overview of poverty issues in the UK; one gives some background which will be useful for Catholic churches using Just Church. Note that they are large files and may take a while to download.

Poverty facts

Slideshow of UK poverty facts and figures (6.1MB document) (originally used at a National Poverty Hearing; might be useful in "Just Getting Started")

PowerPoint presentation 1

Slideshow of images and Bible verses (3.2MB document) (for closing worship of "Just Bible")

PowerPoint presentation 2

Slideshow of works of art (1.3MB document) (for opening worship in "Just Prayer and Spirituality")

Catholic Social Teaching

Slides relating Just Church to the Catholic Church's social teaching (163KB document)

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Modules 1 and 7 suggest playing video clips of interviews with people experiencing poverty. The following clips are available on the Just Church DVD or on other websites:

On the DVD

Everyone Matters?

Everyone Matters? (five-minute clip of interviews with people living in poverty in Scotland)
Reproduced by kind permission of The Poverty Alliance, Glasgow

Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices (seven-minute clip of interviews and facts about rural poverty)
Reproduced by kind permission of The Commission for Rural Communities

Destitute and Desperate

Destitute and Desperate (seven-minute clip of interviews with asylum-seekers in Newcastle who have been made destitute)
Interviews carried out by CAP staff. With thanks to the asylum-seekers who took part.


Families (clip about homelessness and poverty housing)
With thanks to Shelter.

Attitudes Towards Poverty Issues

Are you bothered? (nine-minute clip of interviews revealing common attitudes to UK poverty)
With thanks to Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme.


Older People's Poverty (eight-minute clip of interviews with older people living in poverty)
Reproduced by kind permission of Age Concern and Help the Aged.

Elsewhere on the web

The Wrong Trainers

The Wrong Trainers (interviews with children about poverty - this is a link to the CBBC Newsround website, where you can view the clips)

If you don't have the facility to play the video clips, you could consider reading out some true stories whcih illustrate the issues. We've gathered some together from Poverty Hearings run by CAP; you can download Just Stories here.
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