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Just Church is designed to lead you to draw up an action plan for what your church can do to make a deeper commitment to social justice and tackling UK poverty. The final module, "Just Action", guides you through this process.

When your Just Church programme is completed, you are encouraged to celebrate and publicly sign up to the action plan you have agreed, as part of an act of worship.

You can register on this website to become part of the Just Church network, and you'll receive a certificate of participation from Church Action on Poverty.

We hope that the results of the programme will be embedded into the ongoing life of your church. You can run a follow-up after 6-12 months, at which point you may choose to deepen and extend your level of commitment. We hope that part of this commitment might be to get more involved in CAP's campaigns, and we can help you with support and resources. Find out more at our support page.

When you run a Just Church programme, you'll be connected to other churches and groups all over the country, all exploring the same questions and issues.

This website will enable all Just Churches to share the stories of the commitments they've made and the challenges they face. Click on the Network link to see what other people have been doing, or to share your own stories with other groups.

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