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The Just Church programme

Just Church consists of twelve modules, all available for free download from this website. It's designed so that you can develop your own programme of reflection, planning and action, based around your own local situations, preferences, and level of interest.

The introductory starter pack includes detailed guidance for leaders and an overview of the whole programme. The first module, "Just Getting Started", starts with a simple self-assessment of how poverty and social justice concerns currently feature within the life of the church, helping you to identify the areas you would like to explore further.

You can then draw on a series of 12 modules, each reflecting a different element of church and Christian life. Each module includes a range of reflections and ideas, enabling you to draw up an action plan for building poverty and social justice issues more fully into that element of your church's life.

Running a programme
You might have a dedicated Just Church group running through the programme, or you might invite different sections of the church community to use different modules (for example, the minister and worship team might use "Just Worship" while the youth leaders use "Just Children").

The modular format means you can use Just Church for anything from a single evening to a six-month programme working through every single module.

The Lent programme
Just Church
is also ideally suited for use as a Lent programme. We've selected six modules that will work well for this. You can download the whole package and get some extra guidance on using Just Church in this way on our Lent page.

Each module is designed to be easy to use, so that a leader or facilitator can pick it up and use it without having to spend too much time on preparation. All necessary handouts and worship resources are included.

However, if you have the time to explore a topic in more depth, there are "Extras" available for some of the modules. These might be extra background material, additional activities, or even an outline for an additional session. The module download pages list the Extras that are available for each module.

Some of the modules include suggestions for using video clips or presentations. Suitable resources for these can be downloaded from the Multimedia section of this website, and can also be found on the Just Church DVD (see below).

Getting the materials
All the modules can be downloaded free, in Acrobat PDF format, from the Modules page. You can also choose to download the whole Lent programme (consisting of six modules), or the Starter Pack (consisting of the introductory section and the first module) in one go.

A Just Church DVD is available, which includes all the modules, all the Extras, and all the video and multimedia content. You can order a copy at our Orders page.

Alternatively, you can order the modules in printed form. There is a small charge for this, to cover the cost of printing and postage. Again, place your order on our Orders page.

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