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Church Action on Poverty


The following churches and organisations have provided financial and practical sponsorship for Just Church:

Baptist Union

The Baptist Union

Shaftesbury SocietyThe Shaftesbury Society
Church Urban Fund

Church Urban Fund

Hope 2008Hope 2008
The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church

Iona Community

The Iona Community

Housing Justice

Housing Justice

United Reformed ChurchThe United Reformed Church
National Justice & Peace Network

National Justice & Peace Network

Scottish Episcopal Church
The Scottish Episcopal Church
Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland

Priority Areas Committee

The Church of Scotland's Priority Areas Committee

The following churches and organisations have supported and endorsed Just Church:

The Evangelical Alliance



Creative team
We would like to thank the following individuals for their involvement in writing, editing and developing the Just Church programme:

Carol Birley

Andy Brown

Ruth Carter

Irene Cooper

Niall Cooper

Irene Crosthwaite

Sarah Dumpleton

James Grenfell

Margaret Halsey

Patrick Hannon

Gill Hayes

Peter Hayes

Phil Jakob

Karen McBride

Steve Pierce

Sally Prentice

Liam Purcell

Sam Randall

David Rhodes

Peter Richardson

Maria Roberts

Jan Sutch Pickard

Maureen Thompson

Mark Waters

Where copyright material has been reproduced, we have made every effort to obtain permission and include a full acknowledgement alongside the material. If we have missed anything or made any
mistakes, please contact Church Action on Poverty, and we will be happy to correct the problem.

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